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BBQ Potluck Dishes: Side and Dessert Pairings to Serve with Your Meat

potluck dishes with Smokey Mo's BBQ menu items

BBQ Potluck Dishes: Side and Dessert Pairings to Serve with Your Meat

Whether you’re attending a backyard BBQ, office party, or friends & family event – it can be tough to know what dishes to bring to the potluck. Should it be something sweet or savory? Traditional or unique? Truthfully, it depends on what is being served.

No matter if it’s smoked brisket, ribs, turkey, or chicken, we have the perfect pairing for you! So don’t come empty-handed – read on for some delicious inspiration.

Perfect Pairings for Grilled Chicken

If chicken is on the menu, a great potluck dish to bring is coleslaw. This classic side is always a hit and can be easily made ahead of time. For something more unique, try a watermelon feta salad. It’s light, refreshing, and pairs perfectly with grilled chicken. And for dessert? Strawberry shortcake. The strawberry sweetness and savory chicken are a treat for your tastebuds.

Perfect Pairings for Pork Ribs

If pork ribs are on the menu, bring baked beans or potato salad as your potluck dish. These traditional BBQ sides are hearty, filling, and can be prepared ahead of time. For something with a twist, bring peach salsa. It’s sweet and tangy which nicely complements the ribs. If you’re on dessert duty, grab a peach cobbler! The sweetness of the peaches offset the savory ribs creating a delicious balance.

Perfect Pairings for Smoked Brisket

When it comes to brisket, we recommend a savory side dish that’s a simple yet perfect match: buttered potatoes or creamed corn. If you’re opting for something more unique, bring grilled peaches to serve alongside the brisket. And no meal is complete without dessert! A classic apple pie is always a crowd-pleaser, but if you’re feeling adventurous, try brisket chocolate chip cookies instead!

Perfect Pairings for Smoked Turkey

Turkey is a versatile meat that pairs well with a variety of different flavors, however, it’s likely that when you think of turkey, you think of Thanksgiving. Green beans or mashed potatoes are always a good side choice for this juicy meat. For something different, try roasted Brussels sprouts. For dessert, go traditional with a pumpkin or pecan pie.

Grab your Potluck Dishes from Smokey Mo’s BBQ

There you have it – the best potluck dishes to pair with popular BBQ meats. Whether you’re attending an event or hosting your own backyard barbecue, these combinations are sure to please.

And if you’ve been tasked with bringing the meats, sides, or desserts – your neighborhood BBQ joint is here to help with the perfect pairings that everyone will love.

We smoke our selection of BBQ meats in-house daily and offer several hearty sides available in individual, pint, and quart sizes. Pick-up is easy, so you can get good ole Texas comfort food for your potluck without breaking a sweat. (We promise we won’t tell!)

Better yet, eliminate ALL of the work with a customizable Group Pack for parties of 10 or more. Group packs include your choice of 2-3 meats and 3 sides for only $15 per person +tax.

Make Smokey Mo’s BBQ your local potluck partner!


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