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Know Your Pork Ribs

Know Your Pork Ribs

Pork ribs are a much-loved meat. And for good reason! They’re tasty, fall-off-the-bone tender, and seasoned for deliciousness.

It’s no secret that at Smokey Mo’s, we know barbecue. We serve up two types of pork ribs: baby back ribs and St. Louis spare ribs. Each type has its own unique flavor. When cooked properly, the fat and cartilage around and between the ribs breaks down and softens, making the ribs incredibly succulent.

Baby Backs

Also called pork loin back ribs, back ribs, or loin ribs, baby back ribs are cut from the top of the pig’s rib cage, closer to the spine. Though smaller in length than St. Louis spare ribs, they’re moist, meaty, and exceptionally juicy. At Smokey Mo’s, we serve baby back ribs by the full or half rack. A half rack is usually six ribs, and a full rack, about 12 ribs.

St. Louis Spare Ribs

Called pork ribs on our menu, St. Louis spare ribs are cut from the middle section of the rib cage. The baby backs have been trimmed from the top, and the tips have been trimmed from the bottom, to give them more uniformity. These are longer in length. We serve them by the pound – typically, five to six ribs per pound, or about three to four ribs per plate.

Low and Slow

Both baby back ribs and St. Louis spare ribs require low, slow cooking time. They’re great for smoking, braising, and grilling, or can be cooked in the oven. The ribs also take well to spice rubs and sauces. All of our ribs are seasoned with our Smokey Mo’s Spice Rub and then slow-smoked with oak at 250 degrees for at least 2.5 hours.

Delicious and Nutritious

Sure, pork ribs have fat and cholesterol. But they also deliver one-third of your daily vitamin B-12 needs, and 7 percent of the vitamin D you need each day. They also provide 39 percent of your daily value of selenium and 17 percent of your daily value for zinc. Both these minerals support immune system function.

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