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BBQ Tips and Tricks: Making the Perfect Smoked Turkey

Smoked turkey from Smokey Mo's BBQ

BBQ Tips and Tricks: Making the Perfect Smoked Turkey

Smoked turkey has become a favorite for any time of the year – not just the winter holidays. Done right, turkey is delectably juicy, flavorful, and can lend its tender goodness to a variety of dishes. Building on our BBQ tips and tricks series, our pit professionals are sharing their tips for smoking the perfect turkey.

Here Are 3 Simple Steps for a Tender, Tasty Smoked Turkey:

 1. Prep the Turkey

Begin by gathering your seasonings. At Smokey Mo’s BBQ we use a signature mixture on our turkeys, however, you can create your own special seasoning at home by combining salt and pepper with your favorite BBQ spice rub. Next, brush a light coat of olive oil on the turkey to help avoid any sticking, and then evenly rub your seasoning mixture over the entire exterior of the turkey. (Take your time and ensure you get under the wings and legs too!)

 2. Tips for Smoking Your Turkey

Start by heating your pit to 250 degrees. Place the whole turkey directly on the rack. Double-check that the legs are securely in the truss, wings are folded back, and that no part of the turkey is hanging over the edge of the rack.

Add one medium piece of wood and set a timer for two and a half hours. (The size of the wood and time spent smoking may vary slightly based on the size of your turkey and pit.) As you near the end of the timer, periodically check the turkey by placing a meat thermometer in the breast meat approximately 2 inches deep. The turkey should be between 165°-170°, however, if the thermometer reads under 165°, reset your timer and continue smoking the turkey in 15-minute increments. Continue the process until the Whole Turkey has reached the proper internal temperature.

Using a pair of long tongs and a long fork, carefully remove the turkey from the pit and place it in the aluminum half pan. Avoid puncturing the skin to help keep the juices in!

Are you planning on grilling your turkey instead? Check out our blog, Turkey Breast And Legs On The Grill In 4 Easy Steps, for grilling tips!

3. Carve and Serve

Next, transfer your turkey to a platter and let it stand for 20 to 30 minutes (the internal temperature will rise a few degrees during this time), and then carve. Serve with sides that pair well with the turkey’s robust flavor.

Whole Turkeys and Thanksgiving Dinner Feasts

Not looking forward to cooking this Thanksgiving Day? Try our holiday menu! This year, Smokey Mo’s BBQ is offering whole smoked turkeys ($75) and holiday feasts ($195). (Prices as per lastest update. Availability is limited, so plan ahead and pre-order while supplies last!)

Each turkey will be made using our secret rub and smoked to perfection, in-house. You can buy it solo or order a holiday feast that includes a smoked turkey, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, cornbread dressing, and pumpkin pie. Visit our website or call your local store to place your pre-order and secure your turkey.

Your holiday favorites with none of the hassle. The Pit is LIT this holiday season at Smokey Mo’s BBQ!