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Smokey Mo’s TX BBQ donates boxed meals in Austin

Smokey Mo's President Donates Warm Meals

Smokey Mo’s TX BBQ donates boxed meals in Austin


Smokey Mo's BBQ donates warm bar-b-que meals for neighbors in need in Austin, TX

Smokey Mo’s donated warm BBQ meals to families impacted by power outages brought on by the recent winter storm in Austin, TX. Partnering with Gateway Church’s community outreach team, Smokey Mo’s president Craig Haley personally delivered meals to affected families. Craig said: “We want to help the community any way we can, especially when we see so many continue to be affected.” You can help with recovery efforts here.

Smokey Mo’s is proud to be the best neighborhood BBQ in Texas. 

One way that Smokey Mo’s is the best neighborhood BBQ in Texas is that we are the best neighbors! From our community donations, to hosting fundraising Spirit Nights, to providing the best BBQ with friendly service that keeps our neighbors coming back, you always know thatThe PIT is LIT at Smokey Mo’s BBQ!

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