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COVID-19 Update: Hospitality Day

COVID-19 Update: Hospitality Day

This Thursday, April 2nd, is Hospitality Day!

The hospitality industry is an essential part of our society, as we’ve seen with their ongoing commitment to our communities during this uncertain time. In an effort to show our appreciation, we’re giving back to those who take care of us and our families.

Each San Antonio area store will reserve 40 plates to give out for FREE to anyone working in the Hospitality industry on April 2nd, Hospitality Day. That’s a total of 280 meals. Any plate you’d like, no purchase necessary.

To claim your meal, call your store today through Wednesday (3/30-4/1) to place your order and reserve a time slot. Please secure your spot by 7 PM on 4/1. In order to maintain social distancing, we’re scheduling each contact-less pick-up to avoid lines and large crowds.

Find your store’s contact information at: