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Celebrating Spooky Season – Safely – with Smokey Mo’s BBQ

Celebrating Spooky Season – Safely – with Smokey Mo’s BBQ

Halloween is a family favorite. Choosing costumes, decorating pumpkins, watching scary movies, and trick-or-treating are great ways to spend time and connect with those you love. Some of these normal Halloween traditions are going to look a little different this year, however, Smokey Mo’s BBQ is here to help with plenty of ways to celebrate while following city and state guidelines.

Ideas for Safe, Family-Friendly Fun this “Quarantine-O-Ween”

  • Reverse Trick-or-Treating Parade. The tradition of getting dressed up and going door-to-door asking for treats is loved by kids everywhere. To ensure you’re having all of the traditional Halloween fun in a safe way, consider getting together with your neighbors to plan a reverse trick-or-treat parade. The kids can dress up in costumes, stand outside their homes (while practicing social distancing), and volunteers can drive by throwing out bags of candy. As a reminder, masks are still required in most cities. The CDC warns that a costume mask does not provide the necessary protection needed. Additionally, avoid wearing a mask under costume masks as it can create breathing difficulties – opt for a themed mask instead. Visit the CDC website for more information.
  • Halloween Yard Hunts. Think Easter egg hunting but Halloween themed – plus the kids can still get dressed up for this activity. Hide mini bags of candy or other spooktacular prizes throughout your yard ahead of time, play some Halloween tunes, and let the fun begin!
  • Backyard Family Movie Night. Set up a themed backyard movie night with your favorite people! Grab some comfy chairs or lay out blankets, bring out a projector or TV, choose one of these Halloween movie favorites, and get ready for a wicked awesome time! Wrap up a perfect evening with a family pack from Smokey Mo’s!
  • Find a Halloween Event. There are plenty of safe, family-friendly Halloween events happening throughout the San Antonio, Austin, and Houston areas. Take to Google to find the ones nearest you! And be sure to stop by one of our San Antonio area Smokey Mo’s on Halloween where kids in costume eat free or check your local Austin area store to find out more about their Halloween specials!

Visit our “Quarantine-O-Ween” board on Pinterest for activity ideas, tasty desserts, and more!

Stop by Smokey Mo’s to Feast Before the Fun

Fuel up for Halloween at Smokey Mo’s BBQ! Visit one of our 16 locations throughout Central Texas for great barbecue, scrumptious sides, delectable desserts, and the perfect place to prepare for some fang-tastic Fun!

And now you can join us in-store for dine-in at any of our 16 locations! We have the necessary precautions in place to protect our team members, guests, and community including: socially distanced tables, mask or face coverings required, extra cleaning and sanitation, and more. Additionally, Smokey Mo’s BBQ is following all CDC guidelines.

No matter what season it is – you’ll always get the best food and great times at Smokey Mo’s