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Barbequing in the Winter: Our Top 10 Tips

Barbequing in the Winter: Our Top 10 Tips

Baby, it’s cold outside. . .for Texas, that is! Many say wintertime means grilling time takes a pause, but at Smokey Mo’s, we see it differently. Barbequing is a year-round pleasure!

Here are our top tips for cooking on your home grill in the chilly months.

  1. Safety first. Keep your grill at least two feet away from all combustible materials and in a well-ventilated area. Never cook in your garage. Be sure your grill is far enough away from your home’s overhangs, porch, or vinyl siding to prevent fire hazards. 
  2. Bundle up! Put on your boots, pull down your hat, and zip up your warmest coat. Avoid any scarves, loose-hanging jackets, or other clothing items that could come in contact with the grill during use. Wear heat-resistant gloves, not snow gloves, for winter grilling.  
  3. Warm up the grill in advance. When the mercury plunges, give your grill more time to get up to temperature. Every part of your grill will be cold, and some parts may be frozen solid. Rule of thumb: count on 15–20 minutes to preheat.
  4. Stock up on extra fuel. Grilling in the winter can use up more fuel to reach the right temperature. Keep extra gas canisters on hand if you use a gas grill, and extra charcoal for a charcoal grill. Plan on using about 50 percent more fuel than you would in the warmer months.
  5. Adjust cooking time. For every 5 degrees below 45 degrees F, add 20 minutes per pound of meat. If you’re short on time, consider using thinner or smaller cuts of meat, such as thin steaks and kabobs, which cook quickly over high heat.
  6. Keep a lid on it. The more you open the lid, the more heat escapes and the longer your food will take to cook. Your grill will need to work much harder and burn even more fuel to keep the heat up. Keep the lid closed and set your timer.
  7. Go high-tech for temperature check. With a grilling thermometer and app, it’s easy to monitor food temperature – while you stay warm indoors. Insert the probe into the meat. The smartphone app will alert you when your food reaches the ideal temp to serve.
  8. Beam the light. A good overhead light is best for grilling. If your grill is in a low-lit area, try a headlamp. You’ll see better and keep your hands free for cooking.
  9. Use winter-friendly cookware. Ceramic cookware retains heat better, insulating food to keep it warm. Use it to transport food to your grill or back inside when done.
  10. Sweeten it up! Winter is a prime time to fire up some warming desserts on the grill. S’mores, baked apples, and skillet brownies can be easily cooked outside. Kids of all ages will love the extra treat!

Warm Up at Smokey Mo’s

Whether the temps outside are hot or cold, we’ve got you covered with the tips to make the most of your grilling experience! Looking to take a break from the cold this season? Warm up at Smokey Mo’s, with scrumptious meat selections, like tender brisket, juicy chicken, and tasty baby-back ribs. Pile on the winter “comfort food,” like creamed corn, mac and cheese, and buttered potatoes. Wrap up your meal with one of our satisfying sweet treats. Visit us at one of our 16 restaurants throughout central Texas.  Order in, carry out, or call or click in a delivery from Door Dash or Uber Eats.

Satisfy your craving for delicious BBQ all year long – on your home grill or at your hometown Smokey Mo’s!