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Wake Up to Breakfast – Made Easy!

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Wake Up to Breakfast – Made Easy!

Mornings can be a mad dash. We often skip breakfast in our rush to get out the door, but with drive-thru restaurants increasing in popularity – you can still start the morning off right. Research finds about 18 percent of Americans regularly miss the first meal of the day.

Skip the sit-down breakfast hassle and stop by Smokey Mo’s BBQ for a convenient way to get the nutrition you need – without the fuss.

Avoid “the hangries” and Stay Healthy

When you haven’t had breakfast, you’re more likely to get “hangry,” that dreaded mix of hungry and angry. The morning hangries can lead to overeating later in the day – or choosing unhealthy foods, like those jelly doughnuts piled high in the office kitchen. Studies have also linked skipping breakfast with gaining weight.

Breakfast offers an array of other health benefits. Eating in the morning kick-starts your metabolism, helping you burn calories throughout the day. It also gives you the energy you need to focus and get things done! A favorite staple is the “incredible, edible egg” and for good reason. Eating eggs at breakfast increases feelings of fullness, lowers calorie intake at your next meal, and helps keep your blood sugar and insulin levels steady.

What’s your winning formula? 

Whether you prefer the traditional staples or are trying to stick to a new eating plan, Smokey Mo’s has you covered. Check out some of our delicious menu options below served daily until 10:30 AM:

Traditionalist? Try one of our fresh-baked fluffy buttermilk biscuits by itself ($1.19) or smother it with sausage gravy for good ole’ fashioned biscuits and gravy ($3.19).  We can also cut it in half and add a sausage patty and cheese for a quick sausage biscuit sandwich ($2.19).

Low-carb? Fill up on one of our delicious breakfast bowls – all the fillings of a “morning taco” without the tortilla. It features eggs plus your choice of two of these add-ins: bacon, potatoes, chorizo, beans, sausage, cheese, brisket, and turkey for $4.99. Your own melting pot of delicious ingredients!

On the run? Nothing beats a breakfast taco while you’re on-the-go. Made to order and filling for your busy morning, our breakfast taco features your choice of two of these items: eggs, bacon, potatoes, chorizo, beans, sausage, and cheese ($2.19). What’s your favorite combo?

Whether you plan to dine in or stop by – with Smokey Mo’s BBQ as your breakfast partner, all morning systems are a go! Just search “breakfast restaurants near me”  and stop by Smokey Mo’s today!