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Event Catering Made Simple with Smokey Mo’s BBQ

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Event Catering Made Simple with Smokey Mo’s BBQ

At Smokey Mo’s BBQ, we believe every event is significant and we strive to ensure everything is perfect for you. No matter the size of your event or the reason for your celebration, we’re always ready to serve with the pit-smoked meats and housemade sides you know and love.

If you’re looking for Austin, Conroe, or San Antonio catering, look no further. Our delicious BBQ eats are perfect for an array of events such as appreciation luncheons, work parties, gatherings of friends and family, and more. Whatever you’re celebrating, we’re here to help you make the most of it.

Our group and full-service catering packages were designed with you in mind. Relieve stress and deliver an exceptional event by letting us handle the cooking so you can focus on the fun!

3 Must-Know Tips for Planning Food for Your Event

  1. Plan a Service Style that Matches Event Timing. When it comes to selecting the right foodservice, consider the structure of your event. Will people have time to eat freely? Or perhaps an allotted, dedicated meal service time is better to ensure things move forward according to plan. Asking yourself these questions will help you determine if self-serve or full-service catering is a better option.
  2. Determine How Much Food You’ll Need. While there is no perfect formula for calculating how much food you’ll need, our “1/2 Pound Rule” can help you make an informed estimate. This rule recommends 1/2 pound of meat for each adult guest, and with your package, we will handle all the sides!
  3. Select a Reliable Food Service Provider. Whether you plan to use a self-serve food option or a caterer, selecting a provider that fits your needs, is communicative, and has the know-how to help successfully execute the meal portion of your event can help take the stress of the day off your shoulders.

Go Big with Smokey Mo’s Full-Service Catering

With Smokey Mo’s Full-Service Catering Packages, you’ll receive exceptional service and the barbecue you love with customizable options. Our catering staff is trained to go above and beyond expectations with excellent food and fast, friendly service with the Texas hospitality we’re known for. You provide the tables, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Our catering packages start at $17 per person (+tax) and offer customizable spreads including your choice of meats and sides, condiments, beverages, serveware, and a meal kit.

We offer two meal kit options for you to choose from. Our standard package provides everything you need in a simple, well-rounded kit, however, if you’re looking to “spruce” things up a little then our premium package will give your event that extra something.

What to Expect When the Big Day Arrives

Our Smokey Mo’s catering staff will arrive 30-60 minutes prior to serving time to set up the food service area. This time may vary based on the size of the event. During set-up, we’ll put out the serveware, and the pit-smoked meats and sides you selected with your customizable package. Once everything is set up, you can count on our catering staff to slice the smoked meats on-site and serve your guests fresh, delicious food quickly and professionally. And once the food serving time has come to an end, we’ll clean up the area and ensure that everything is spick and span so the good times can keep rolling!

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Customizable Group Packs to Fit Every Event

With Smokey Mo’s Group Packs, you’ll get the barbecue you love with the convenience you long for. Our group packages are available at a per-person price and are perfect for luncheons and dinners, holiday and work parties, tailgates, and more!

Starting at $14 per person (+tax) with a 10-person minimum, our group packs are great for delivering the perfect amount of food needed for your event – no matter how big or small.

The Group Pack Breakdown

Select your choice of 2-3 meats, 3 sides, and all the fixins. Plus, you can order ahead or (with a 24-hour turn-around time for larger orders) pull a hail-mary by calling your local Smokey Mo’s BBQ to get delicious BBQ lickety-split.

Group Packs are perfect if you’re looking to feed a bigger group of people in a self-serve setting. Packages include your choice of smoked meats, sides, condiments, beverages, serveware, and utensils – all you need for a flawlessly executed event!

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Let Smokey Mo’s BBQ Help You Get Event Ready

As a BBQ restaurant with over 20 years in business, Smokey Mo’s BBQ is experienced in providing catering expertise and delicious Texas BBQ for all sizes and types of events. Plus, finding and coordinating your food needs is simple with 16 stores throughout Central Texas. Click here to explore our smoked meats, sides, and dessert menu. Ready for a seamless event? Visit Smokey Mo’s BBQ today to get started on your group order.