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Can BBQ be Healthy? Absolutely!

Can BBQ be Healthy? Absolutely!

When thinking of healthy meal options, BBQ may not be high on your list of considerations. BBQ is delicious and filling, so it couldn’t possibly be healthy too, right? Wrong!

At Smokey Mo’s BBQ, you can put together a low calorie meal that is also nutritious. And yes, still absolutely delicious.

So, if you’re on a health kick, you can still enjoy some good ol’ Texas BBQ. Let us show you how!

First, Decide How You Want Your Meal Prepared

We offer a variety of preparations on our menu. You can have your BBQ served up as a plate, a sandwich or a wrap. For the lowest carb option, you can choose a plate with one, two or three meats, accompanied by two sides.

Then, Choose Your Meat

When choosing a healthy meat, you should consider the fat content. White-meat poultry is the leanest meat available, so we recommend starting with juicy, tender turkey or chicken. Our pork loin is another great option for a lean and delicious protein.

Now Choose Your Sides

Smokey Mo’s BBQ offers a variety of mouth-watering sides. It can be difficult to choose, but if you’re looking to make the healthiest plate possible, we recommend sticking with a helping of vegetables. Our green beans are the lowest carb and calorie choice available. For your second side, we recommend either coleslaw or pinto beans. Both are high fiber options and contain fewer calories than the other available sides.

Other Healthy Options

Smokey Mo’s BBQ also offers the go-to healthy meal for many people – salad! Consisting of mixed greens, tomatoes, carrots and purple cabbage, our salads are a great choice for the health-conscious. For the healthiest option, skip the cheese and opt for Italian dressing.

Don’t forget the protein! You can always add turkey or chicken to your salad to make it a meal.

Finish Your Healthy Meal

Finish your meal off with an ice-cold glass of unsweet tea. Squeeze some lemon in for an extra kick of flavor.

If you’re a sweet tea lover, we know it can be difficult to make the switch to unsweet. You can always add a low-calorie sweetener and enjoy the taste you love.

Come Get a Healthy Meal at Smokey Mo’s BBQ

We invite you to enjoy healthy BBQ done right. Join us at any of our 16 stores or order online for pick-up to enjoy a healthy and delicious meal from Smokey Mo’s BBQ.

We’re awaiting your next visit!