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Celebrate the Fabulous Frito Pie!

Frito Pie from Smokey Mo's BBQ

Celebrate the Fabulous Frito Pie!

It’s as simple as pie! Frito pie, that is. For decades, this easy-to-make and down-to-earth dish has been a staple at county fairs, ballgames, and BBQ restaurants. At Smokey Mo’s, it’s one of our most popular selections and a meal unto itself.

What is a Frito pie?

It comes in many variations, but in its purest form, a Frito pie is simply Frito corn chips covered with chili, always with meat and sometimes with beans. Over time, it’s taken on several nicknames. “Frito boat.” “Walking taco.” “Texas straw hat.” Unlike most pies, this one isn’t baked; it’s assembled and can be piled high with all sorts of fixins’, from salsa to sliced jalapeno peppers.

Who invented the Frito pie?

The Frito pie’s origins are a topic of heated debate. Texans insist that Daisy Dean Doolin, the mother of Fritos inventor C.E. Doolin, thought up the dish in the ‘30s in San Antonio. Frito-Lay says the recipe was developed in the ‘50s by its own Consumer Service department. New Mexicans claim the Frito pie was created in the ‘60s at the Santa Fe Five and Dime. No matter who got the wheels turning, and when, the Frito pie craze found its way to the masses in 1962 when millions of bags of Fritos served up the no-fuss recipe: “Heat a can of chili, pour it into a bag of Fritos, and sprinkle grated cheese and chopped onions on top.”

What’s so special about Smokey Mo’s Frito pie?

At Smokey Mo’s, we’ve cooked up our own twist on this classic concoction. We start with the traditional Fritos and then pile on our house-made pinto beans. What makes our pinto beans special? They’ve been kicked up a notch with the addition of our chop, plus Smokey Mo’s Regular BBQ Sauce and Smokey Mo’s Spice Rub. Then we add a heaping scoop of our chop that’s been simmered in our signature BBQ sauce – and finish it off with a generous layer of shredded cheddar cheese. You can customize it by asking for fresh green onions or sour cream.

Why do we like it so much?

The Frito pie has it all: easy to make, fun to eat, and downright delicious. With a rich, hearty taste and bold, crispy texture, it’s a satisfying fill-me-up, any time of the day.

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