Great Local Texas BBQ Catering

Group Orders

Breakfast Tacos

25+ tacos
$2.69 each

Sandwich Meals

Starting at
$11.00 per person plus tax

Group Packs

10+ people
$15.50 per person plus tax


Full-Service from
$20.00 per person plus tax

Looking to cater a family style dinner, wedding, rehearsal dinner, anniversary party, birthday or graduation celebration, a sport watching event, office lunch or tailgate? We’ve got you covered! Whether you need Austin Catering, San Antonio Catering or Conroe Catering, a Smokey Mo’s BBQ near you will get the pit lit!

Smokey Mo’s BBQ Catering Options

Pick Up

Your order is conveniently packed in disposable containers. We’ll make sure you have plenty of whatever your order calls for– plates, napkins, serveware, condiments, and if you have tea coming, cups and ice. Our Team Members at the restaurant will go over the checklist with you, make sure you have everything and help you out to your car.

Delivery & Set Up

We’ll arrive 15 to 30 minutes before your scheduled serving time, bringing your items in disposable containers along with plates, plasticware, Smokey Mo’s cups, condiments and ice. We’ll arrange everything, make sure you’re set, and head out.

Full Service

This is a complete buffet where we will take care of everything. We’ll set up beautiful serving tables with custom chafers and tablecloths. Our team members will attend the buffet to keep it full and tidy. One hour of serving is included, but we can absolutely arrange for more time if you need it. After serving, we’ll pack up and “leave it like we found it”. That’s a promise. We’ll also be happy to work with you to create a custom menu.