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Tailgate in Style and Sauce – 10 Tips for a Winning Tailgate

Tailgate in Style and Sauce – 10 Tips for a Winning Tailgate

Football Season is in full swing! (Kinda) Whether it’s NFL, college, or high school – chances are you’re watching football.

And what goes better with football than a tailgating party! A 150-year-old sports ritual, tailgating has its roots in an 1869 college football game between Rutgers and Princeton. Today, in stadiums throughout the country, the ritual continues – peppered always with three classic ingredients: food, friends, and fun!

Here are 10 tailgating tips for a winning Bowl experience:

1. Stick with the rules. Each stadium has strict guidelines for what you can and cannot do on-site Read the policies carefully. Be prepared to comply, or face the penalties!

2. Kick-off your party early. Tackle the pack-up the night before. Get to the stadium by sunrise, if you can. You’ll get the best tailgating spots if you’re in line long before the gates swing open. Most stadiums don’t allow blocking off or saving spots for other vehicles. If your group is arriving in more than one vehicle, park strategically to create maximum space for your group. Consider meeting up at a central location and caravanning to the parking lot together.

3. Carry along a portable generator and TV. Don’t forget the rabbit ears or dish equipment! If you stay in the parking lot the entire time, you won’t want to miss a minute of the game. Don’t have a generator? Many stores offer rentals.

4. Plan your food plays. Pre-prepared foods were made for tailgating! Keep your selections simple and easy, and make sure you have enough for the pre-, post-, and in-game parties! Score extra points with your friends with a large display of handheld food items, like baby-back ribs and chicken legs – great for snacking throughout the day. Pass on the cooking to Smokey Mo’sYou’ll get the taste of the grill without the grilling mess.

5. Cover the field. Along with the food, remember to bring along other tailgating essentials: tables, comfortable shoes, plastic trash bags, extra ice, wet wipes, bottled water, toilet paper, sun protection, hand sanitizer, rain gear, condiments, bottle openers, extension cords, small plastic bags for take-home leftovers, and a pop-up tent for shade.

6. Can’t Go Wrong with Collapsible Seating. Amongst the fun, guests are likely to want to take a load off after hours of food and fun. Everyone will appreciate having a few spots to sit down and relax. Collapsible chairs are an easy option for convenient seating. Keep a few stowed in your trunk – just in case.

7. Play games. Spice up your mingling and Bowl watching with parking lot activities. Cards, horseshoes, and cornhole are always crowd-pleasers. Let the music play – but keep the volume reasonable. Too-loud blasting can get you booted off the lot.

8. Enjoy your friendsWhatever team you’re rooting for, tailgating is all about friendship. Revel in the time with your friends – and while you’re at it, make some new ones! Invite your tailgate neighbors over for a taste of your food and festivities.

9. Prepare for the Night-Time Cold. The temps will decrease as the sun goes down, especially in the winter months. Outside of wearing your coats, hats, and gloves – it’s also a good idea to bring a couple of blankets along just in case. Blankets offer cold-weather comfort, as well as the opportunity to color-coordinate your party theme.

10. Make Game Day Party Favors. As the party winds down and everyone prepares to head to the game, tailgate party packs make great favors for your guests. Pack them with sunscreen, moist towelettes, snacks – even team flags they can wave at the game. The pack will also come in handy when everyone heads back to the tailgate spot for some post-game celebration.

Make It A Party with Smokey Mo’s!

Nothing says tailgate party like the smell of BBQ! And no one does BBQ like Smokey Mo’s.

Choose from three Game Day Party Pack options, all of which can be customized to create your perfect kick-off meal!

1. A group pack great for 10 people or more. Includes 1/2lb. of meat per person, 3 sides, and all of the fixins’!

2. A large family pack feeds five to seven people and includes 3 lbs. of freshly smoked meats, 2 quarts of your choice of sides, and, of course, all the fixins’.

3. A small family pack is perfect for three to five people. It includes 2lbs. of up to 3 smoked meats, 2 pints of your choice of sides, and – you guessed it – all of the fixins’ too!

Or get it catered! Start off your order with our mouthwatering meat selections, from baby-back ribs and chicken to brisket, sausage, pork loin, and pork ribs.

Heap on the sides! Tote along pinto beans, potato salad, mac & cheese and more. Treat your gang to homemade sweets. Brownies, cookies, and Rice Krispie treats are easy and delicious mess-free desserts.

Game on! With Smokey Mo’s as your tailgate partner, you can count on a winning day of tasty food and terrific fun.