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Tips for Hosting A Memorable Super Bowl Party

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Tips for Hosting A Memorable Super Bowl Party

For sure, it’s about the game. But it’s about the food, too! Super Bowl Sunday is America’s “second-largest food consumption day” – topped only by Thanksgiving Day. We can’t wait to see who makes it to the big game this year! And what’s a football Sunday without friends, fun, and FOOD!

First time hosting a Super Bowl party? We’ve got your back! Check out our tips for hosting a stress-free football watch party! Go the extra yard this year with some of our favorite Super Bowl activities and get the crowd revved up with a spread of our supersized meats: brisket, sausage, turkey, and more!

Liven up your party with some games of your own. Here are a few ideas – all easy, fun, and free: 

  1. Host a football pool. Invite your guests to forecast the game-winner, final score, total turnovers – however, you want to set it up. You can have a friendly wager or play just for bragging rights!
  2. Play Super Bowl Bingo. Print out these free bingo cards for another fun competition – just like the regular game but with a Super Bowl twist. Quarterback Sack, Interception, First Down, Time Out, Touchdown…Bingo!
  3. Rate the commercials. Those Super Bowl ads are as fun as the on-field action. Create a guest judging panel. Print out these signs, tape them to straws or popsicle sticks, and let the ratings begin!
  4. Go Long. What better way to celebrate football season than by upping the ante with a few Minute to Win It inspired games.
    • Set-Up: For this game, you’ll begin by setting out a football field-designed table cover. Grab 10 lightweight bean bags in two different colors. Using tape, create a line on the floor to serve as the toss boundary. (If kids are playing, consider creating a few distance options.)
    • Play: Choose two people to stand at opposite ends of the table with their bean bags. At the sound of the whistle, each player will have one minute to toss or slide all of their bean bags down the table. How do you win? Get the most points!
    • Rules: Each yard on the table cloth correlates with the number of points you’ll receive. The 50-yard line will give you the most points, but the lower yards definitely add up. Bean bags that fall off the table are 0 Points. Go for the highest score or knock your opponent’s bags off the table. May the best quarterback win!
  5. Have a trivia contest. See who’s the champion of Super Bowl facts. For example:
    • Q: Which team holds the record for the most Super Bowl wins?
      • A: The Pittsburgh Steelers, with six.
    • Q: Which team has had the most Most Valuable Players awarded?
      • A: The Dallas Cowboys, with seven.
    • Q: How many sitting presidents have attended a Super Bowl?
      • A: None.

Or perhaps a fun game of match-the-mascot trivia is the way to go! Download these printable sheets from Moms & Munchkins. Each sheet has a list of team names on the right side and a list of mascots on the left. Pick a team from the right side and choose the mascot you believe goes with it by writing the correlating letter next to the team name. Once everyone is done, call out the team and mascot names and have guests tally up their correct responses to see who wins!

Write down the questions ahead of time – and “even the playing field” by making sure all phones are off-limits for answers! For a full Super Bowl Q&A list, see

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Why work in the kitchen when you can play all day? Leave the party food to Smokey Mo’s! Our Super Bowl party catering game-day packs are available for same-day pick-up.

Choose from three Super Bowl Party Catering Super Pack options, all of which are customizable, and come with all the extra fixins’:

  1. Group Packages are great for 10+ people and offer your barbecue favorites served with a side of convenience. Customizable to fit your taste buds and can be conveniently picked up or delivered.
  2. Large Family Packs feed 5-7 people with 3lbs. of up to 3 freshly smoked meats, 2 quarts of sides of your choice, and all of the fixins’.
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Meat options include: Brisket, Sausage, Turkey, Pork loin, Chicken, and more.

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Whatever the final score, you’re always a winner with Smokey Mo’s