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Take a World Tour of BBQ

Take a World Tour of BBQ

In Texas, you haven’t had BBQ till you’ve had ours, right? Yet people around the globe are equally proud of what’s sizzling on their grills. Embark on a world tour of BBQ with Smokey Mo’s and discover the shared love around the globe for all things barbecue.

At Smokey Mo’s, we’re pleased to celebrate BBQ not only in Texas and the U.S. but also in all corners of the world!

A Look at the Love of BBQ

It’s always BBQ time. . .somewhere! Here’s a quick guide to the wide swath of BBQ expressions throughout the culinary universe:

Country What they call their BBQ What it is
Brazil churrasco Beef and other meats, skewered and cooked at high heat over a grill or an open flame
China char siu Pork seasoned with spices, honey, and fermented tofu, speared on long forks, and cooked over a fire or in a covered oven
India tandoori Meat skewered, marinated, and cooked in a clay oven at extremely high temperatures
Japan yakitori Bamboo skewers loaded up with chicken or chicken innards and grilled over white charcoal
Korea bulgogi Marinated beef, thinly sliced, served with sesame, scallions, soy sauce, fresh herbs, and vegetables
Mexico barbacoa*

*origin of the term “barbecue”

Meat, typically beef or goat, wrapped in maguey leaves and slow-cooked in an underground pit  
Philippines lechón A whole pig roasted over hot coals and brushed with its own fat, keeping the meat moist and the skin crunchy
South Africa braai Typically, lamb or sausage, cooked on a wood-burning braai stand, or grill, and often served with pap, a corn-based porridge
Turkey shish kebab Chunks of meat, usually lamb, on a skewer, grilled, with vegetable add-ons


Indulge in America’s Best BBQ at Smokey Mo’s

It’s good to know America isn’t the only country that revels in the taste of meat on an open flame. If you’re taking a trip to another country, put your world tour of BBQ knowledge to good use and try out the local fare!

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Delight in BBQ goodness, wherever you are in the world!