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Dazzle Your Dad With BBQ

Dazzle Your Dad With BBQ

There’s never a bad time to celebrate that special man in your life! Head to Smokey Mo’s for some quality bonding and delicious BBQ this Father’s Day!

It’s Been Celebrated Since 1910 – But Wasn’t Official Until 1972.

Did you know that the first Father’s Day in the United States dates back to June 19, 1910, in Spokane, Washington? It was dreamt up by a woman who wanted a special day to honor her dad, a Civil War veteran who raised his six children single-handedly.

But it wasn’t until 1972 – 58 years after President Wilson made Mother’s Day official – that the day honoring fathers became a nationwide holiday in the U.S. Today, over 40 countries around the world have a special day to honor dads.

By the Numbers, and More

Here are a few more facts about dads to share with your dad:

  • The U.S. has an estimated 72 million fathers.
  • Some 267,000 men are stay-at-home dads.
  • Two million households are led by a single father – a 900 percent increase from the 1960s.
  • Twenty percent of Father’s Day cards are sent from moms to their husbands.
  • The official flower for Father’s Day is the rose. A red rose is worn in your lapel on Father’s Day if you father is living, and a white rose is worn if he has passed away.
  • George Washington, the celebrated father of our country, had no biological children. He adopted the two children from wife Martha Custis’s first marriage.
  • In the underwater world of the seahorse, the male carries the eggs and births the babies.

Take Your Dad to Smokey Mo’s

The best way to honor dad is to spend some quality time with him – over a mouthwatering meal! Smokey Mo’s has everything your dad will love: an array of savory meats, scrumptious sides, and delish desserts. Celebrate him at one of our 16 central Texas restaurants.