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Celebrate National BBQ Month at Smokey Mo’s

Celebrate National BBQ Month at Smokey Mo’s

Ever since its discovery in 15th century America, BBQ has evolved to be part of our national culture. May is National Barbecue Month, but its always a good time to celebrate BBQ’s rich heritage with a visit to Smokey Mo’s!

How Did It All Get Started?                                                    

As legend has it, around the time of Spanish colonization, native people living in the Caribbean and Florida slow-cooked meat over pits of glowing wood coals. Spaniards called this cooking method barbacoa, or “barbecue,” in English.

By the time of the American Revolution, barbecue was a social ritual. Our nation’s founding father, George Washington, once wrote in a diary, “Gone to a barbecue. Back in three days.”

How Does BBQ Differ From Region to Region?

Different strokes for different folks! Over time, BBQ has developed into four basic styles:

  • In North Carolina, barbecue revolves around fire-roasted pork. The meat is typically chopped up and mixed with a vinegar-based sauce, heavy on the spices.
  • In Tennessee, it’s all about pork ribs. Wet ribs are slathered with barbecue sauce before and after cooking, and dry ribs are seasoned with a dry rub. Memphis is known for its pulled pork sandwiches, topped with BBQ sauce, pickles, and coleslaw.
  • In Kansas, barbecue uses a wide variety of meat, from pork and beef to chicken and fish. All are cooked slow and low and bathed in a thick, sweet molasses-and-tomato sauce. The Kansas City signature dish is “burnt ends” – fatty, caramelized hunks of brisket, double smoked.
  • In Texas, meat is king and sauce is secondary. The most iconic tradition of Texas BBQ is Central Texas style, originating in the German and Czech meat markets of the 19th Brisket is by far the favorite cut in Central Texas, followed by sausage.
Celebrate BBQ Year-Round at Smokey Mo’s!

Get in the spirit of spring BBQ season at Smokey Mo’s. Visit one of our 16 family-friendly central Texas restaurants. Choose from our medley of meats, from tender brisket and hot, delicious sausage to juicy chicken, tasty turkey, and succulent baby-back ribs. Round off your feast with delish sides, like crisp coleslaw, house-made pinto beans, and baked potato with chop. Finish it up with a scrumptious home-made dessert. Order in, carry out or call or click in a delivery from Door Dash or Uber Eats.

Join us at Smokey Mo’s for delicious, mouthwatering BBQ anytime!