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12 Days of Brisk-Mas at Smokey Mo’s

12 Days of Brisk-Mas at Smokey Mo’s

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – and we’re getting into the holiday spirit here at Smokey Mo’s BBQ with the 12 Days of Brisk-mas!

Beginning on December 10th, we’ll be hosting a giveaway every day through December 21st via our social channels. Be sure to like us on Facebook: @SmokeymosbbqSA and follow us on Instagram @SmokeyMosBBQSA to keep up with this giveaway and stay tuned for future specials!


  1. Visit the Smokey Mo’s BBQ pages on Facebook and/or Instagram.
  2. Like the “Prize of the Day” post and Tag 3 friends in the comment section.

A new prize will be posted and given away every day. Entries will be open until 11:59 P.M. each night and winners will be announced the next day. Following the page is the best way to ensure you don’t miss a giveaway or winning announcement.

Note: Giveaways are limited to the San Antonio, Boerne, Spring Branch, or New Braunfels areas. Visit to find the location nearest you! Winners can pick up their prizes at any of the 7 locations.

Check Out What We’re Giving Away

On the first day of Brisk-mas (12/10), Smokey Mo’s BBQ gave to me; 1 custom Fiesta Medal and 2 awesome koozies. Home of the family pack, Chopped Baker, and more; Those who know eat at Smokey Mo’s, of course.

On the second day of Brisk-mas (12/11), the prize from Smokey Mo’s is 10 customized, tasty breakfast tacos. Choose 3 items to fill your tacos – wow, what a score! Bacon, Egg, Sausage, Cheese, Chorizo, and more.

On the third day of Brisk-mas (12/12), extra flavor won’t be lost, Spice up your favorite meat with a bottle of our signature BBQ sauce.

Looking for the perfect gift for the cook of your family? We’ve got your back! Create your own holiday BBQ Sauce and Spice Rub gift pack.

On the fourth day of Brisk-mas (12/13), you’ve got dinner in a snap. We’re giving away a flavorful small Family Pack! Our family pack feeds 3-4, a convenient, delicious meal; 2 Pounds of up to 3 meats, 2 Sides, all of the fixin’s – what a deal!

On the fifth day of Brisk-mas (12/14), you’ll surely say HOO-RAY! Sliced Smoked Turkey Breast with a Bottle of Sauce is what we’re giving away this day!

On the sixth day of Brisk-mas (12/15), join the BBQ fan club; We’re giving away our custom, signature Spice Rub. A blend of spices sure to give your barbecue an extra kick; Who said kids get to be the only ones getting a visit from St. Nick?

On the seventh day of Brisk-mas (12/16), Smokey Mo’s has got your back; Feed your family of 6-8 with our Larger Family Pack! All the fixin’s, 2 sides, and 3lbs. of up to 3 freshly smoked meats; We have plenty of BBQ options to choose from – our family packs can’t be beat!

On the eighth day of Brisk-mas (12/17), for convenience no matter where you are; An awesome Yeti Mug for when you’re in your home, office, or car.

Gift Giveaway at Smokey Mo'sOn the ninth day of Brisk-mas (12/18), we thought we’d give away something sweet; A whole pumpkin and pecan pie is always a nice, tasty treat!

What better way to celebrate the tenth day of Brisk-mas (12/19); Than to give away a 5lb Brisket and BBQ Sauce just in time for Christmas!

On the eleventh day of Brisk-mas (12/20), we’re saying, “The more the merrier;” Share our Group Pack with your favorite 10 people to make the holidays cheerier.

On the final day of Brisk-mas (12/21), we’ve saved the best for last! With all the goodies in this basket, the entries will stack up fast. Get 2 Koozies, 1 Fiesta Medal, a Yeti Mug, a Bottle of Sauce, a Bottle of Spice Rub, and a $100 Gift Card!

Stay up to date with us for your chance to win some goodies and gear; We’re sharing the gift of Smokey Mo’s this season to spread our holiday cheer!

Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram and Twitter to keep up with future specials and promotions.

Looking for a guaranteed win? For every $25 you put on a Smokey Mo’s gift card, you get a $5 Mo’s Bucks Card for yourself! Everyone’s a winner!


From the Smokey Mo’s BBQ family to yours, we’re wishing you all a safe and happy holiday season!