Sunday, Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday…Don’t you love this time of the year when you can catch a football game 5 out of 7 days a week?!

If you can’t tailgate, then “homegate”! Host a game-watching bash with your favorite fans and kick off the party in style.

Here’s the game plan:

  • Score big with food. The best part of any party? The eats and treats, of course! Stockpile your fridge. Or make it a potluck, assigning guests a contribution so you have lots of balance and variety. Looking for no fuss, no muss? Order in from Door Dash or Uber Eats! Lay it all out buffet style, away from the viewing area, so your friends can pile their plates high – and get right back to the on-screen action.
  • Follow the half-pound rule for the main course. While ordering the right amount of meat for your party is not an exact science, you come pretty close with the half-pound rule. For each adult attending, order half a pound of meat to go with sides, drinks, and dessert. For children, order a quarter-pound of meat per child to ensure your little ones are well fed.
  • Create a comfortable game-viewing room. Set up seating efficiently to make sure the screen is in view from any angle. Bring in extra chairs, throw pillows, and comfy floor cushions from other areas of the house. Toss them anywhere people might take a seat. Or – tune in the game in a second room for more seating options.
  • Get extra points with decorations. Design a “look and feel” for your party with thoughtful, fun touches. Super suppliers like Walmart and Party City offer an array of themed, reasonably priced decorations, from football table covers to pigskin piñatas and goal post centerpieces. Or download free football printables from the web.
  • Play some games of your own. Liven up your party with extra activities. Line up the classic Football Squares. Or invite your guests to predict the game-winner and final score. Offer a prize to keep it interesting. At halftime, go outside and burn off some steam with a friendly game of touch football.
  • Keep the kids entertained. Is your kid not a football fanatic yet? Don’t worry. A mini-football toss is a great way to get your little ones in the fun, competitive spirit! Grab some string and lay it out on the floor similar to the lines on a football field. Give your kids a foam football and let them channel their inner football star! The person to throw their ball the furthest without going outside of the lines wins. Check out this blog by Good Housekeeping for some other great ideas for kid-friendly activities.
  • Set up a selfie photo booth. Help party-goers share the day with a makeshift photo booth for spontaneous snapshots. Put up a football-themed backdrop. Create a memorable hashtag for all to use when posting their pics on Instagram.
  • Hold a Spirit Contest. Encourage your friends to show their team spirit. Go beyond just the typical jersey. Face paint, necklaces, tutus – showcase your creativity and the love you have for your favorite football team! Offer a prize for the winner. (Gift cards make great rewards.) Nothing says football like a competition between friends!
Change Up the Hosting Game

Why work in the kitchen when you can play at the party? Leave the food to Smokey Mo’s! Wow your guests with a feast of our mouthwatering meats: brisket, turkey, chicken, sausage, and pork loins, along with scrumptious sides and sweets. We’ll provide you with all the containers, plates, napkins, and cutlery so set-up and clean-up are a snap.

Our game-day spreads are available for pick-up or delivery.

Huddle, hut hut, and have yourself a ball. You’re always a winner with Smokey Mo’s

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